Inspiring Candidate Journeys: calling enterprise customers

Marshall Wolfe’s founding Directors have a passion for fair and efficient Talent Management Solutions.

The ‘Inspired’ smartphone application captures the very best ‘mail room to Director’ and ‘dream job’ stories from within your organisation. Expressed in the authentic voices of your staff, these stories can then be relayed via Beacon technology (including bespoke gamification and orientation trails). The app is great for inspiring induction journeys, but is increasingly gaining interest for the functionality that actively encourages internal mobility for your most talented individuals.

Hiring externally can be an expensive process! A cause of constant frustration is the difficulty in recognising opportunities (talented employees) and recognising talented individuals (employers) from within the company itself. Enterprise customers have programmes and teams dedicated purely to ‘internal mobility’, ‘resource flows’ or ‘people fluidity’.
How about just: ‘Investing in talented individuals’; after all, this is not just a – ‘best resources in the best places’ solution it is about:
• Recognising individual talents
• Investing in your best people
• Achieving potential
• Retaining talented individuals

The strength of ‘Inspired’ is that:
• it provides ‘in your pocket’ live updates on internal opportunities (these can be limited to the individual employee’s search criteria)
• additional notifications can be set via the beacon technology ‘so an employee stepping into the HQ can be alerted on arrival to a floor or a building that a particular team is looking for a particular role’ – for example, ‘The EMEA Sales Team are keen to hire a new Marketing Executive’,
• by using ‘Inspired’ as part of the induction programme you can ensure all your new talented individuals have the application and become your internal ‘Inspired’ evangelists

If your organisation could benefit from more inspiring induction journey or would like to encourage more dynamic internal growth and retention of talent then please contact a Talent Systems Consultant at Marshall Wolfe
info@marshallwolfe.co.uk or 0203 362 4230

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