Think like your hirer.
Think like your candidate.
Building world-class hiring solutions, supporting your hiring agenda
"The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack." Rudyard Kipling
"Our own team is defined by the strength of all of us, and we recognise that for our customers, their success depends on our ability to help them build ‘packs’ with common goals, combined strength and loyalty." Jim Marshall - CEO, Marshall Wolfe
We value brilliant, honest, kind, hardworking and empathetic individuals who are inspired by: Great Teams, Great Leaders and Great Ambitions
"What we do is high on design, purpose and meaningful results. Our time and effort is rewarded with customer satisfaction and awesome brand reputation." Sanchia Marshall - COO, Marshall Wolfe

Hiring by design.


Who are Marshall Wolfe?
We are a hiring consultancy. Founders Jim and Sanchia are determined to make hiring and being hired, a professional, fair and enjoyable experience. Our aim is to challenge the model of many recruitment agencies, where the value exchange can be sub-optimal.

What we do
We build world-class hiring solutions and create fairer, more efficient hiring journeys. By focusing on the end user and utilising design thinking, we can solve the most complex recruitment and talent acquisition challenges in our field.

How we do it
Some customers simply need a ‘turbo charge’ on their own recruitment practice (advice on best candidate attraction channels, increasing the effectiveness of internal referral programmes or updating ‘message’ to candidate audience); for others it is the knowledge that we can own and manage a recruitment campaign for a critical hire; or it is the requirement for new processes or technology to underpin the recruitment as a function. Usually, it is a well thought out blend of our tools and services.

Recruitment is the lifeblood of our business. We thrive on getting to know our clients’ very specific needs, and love the challenge of building great teams for them.

By choosing our recruitment services, you can expect to work with clever, hardworking, thoughtful, honest and empathetic individuals that understand your vision and delight in delivering the best outcomes.

Technology candidate experts
With a deep knowledge of the Technology candidate market we are well placed to source niche skilled individuals as well as build project teams.

Complete hiring solutions
We take end-to-end delivery of the recruitment process, partnering with senior stakeholders to deliver innovative sourcing strategies and effective talent acquisition plans. From market research into talent pools to decoding competitor information and market challenges: we pride ourselves on being a trusted and highly effective hiring partner.

The Marshall Wolfe approach solves fundamental problems in the hiring industry. By utilising smart automation and workflow coupled with real-life partnerships, we remove data silos, improve accuracy and speed your time to hire. 

Our Technology Portfolio includes:

HireMe – a slick candidate journey application that offers a unique experience to capture and maintain the interest of the most talented candidates.

Virtual Bench Team – a complete online platform and service to optimise your management of associate workers.

‘Inspire’ apps – that make it easy to create authentic individual stories which in turn attract talent, increase internal mobility and underpin induction programme excellence.

We help clients truly understand how efficient their hiring systems are. Through audit and review, we help you define what talent looks like for your organisation, review your assessment processes and much more. The outcome? A set of clear priorities (minimum viable initiatives) that drive your organisation toward its ultimate goal – whether that’s improving talent attraction and retention, creating authentic ’employer of choice’ stories or as a trusted support to your existing hiring functions.

MegaTeamOne and Marshall Wolfe – supporting your talent attraction strategy

Optimising your team culture and performance is essential to attracting great hires – and keeping them there. Pulling from the strength of our network, we work closely with MegaTeamOne to help progressive organisations design or increase their team or workplace environment performance.

As a result, clients that take on board our combination of services are enabled to create and grow happy, high performing teams.


Marshall Wolfe sits among a strong partner network, built on trust, honesty, authenticity and effective relationships. We work with handpicked, synergistic organisations to design and develop great solutions as one team.

The Marshall Wolfe partner network includes:

Building high performing teams (MegaTeamOne)
Service and proposition design (Rokker)
Digital product leadership (Skull Mountain)
Brand and communications (Random Colour Animal)
Recruiter access to grads (DigitalGrads)
Authentic storytelling (Chronicle)
Leadership Training Coaching and Consulting (Forge Leadership)
Chatbots (Ubisend)
Bespoke application development (Nerostorm)
Enhanced candidate vetting and reputation analysis (M.INT)


Who we work with.


We work with individuals, not numbers. Our customers are hiring managers, candidates and associates. For talented people, we are the hiring consultancy that delivers best practice with innovative solutions and exceptional individuals. How? By leveraging design methodologies to create great hiring outcomes – hiring by design.

We value brilliant, honest, kind, hardworking and empathetic individuals – and building long-term partnerships – which is why our customers stay with us. We are driven by customers that value the Marshall Wolfe breed of high-touch service and shared success.

It’s our mission to provide an enjoyable recruitment journey. By taking the time to listen to and appreciate your needs, expectations and aspirations. We guide you towards your full potential.

Whether seeking a permanent or contract position, we:

• Set clear expectations
• Present rather than sell opportunities
• Present rather than sell individuals
• Strive for a consultative and empathetic approach
• Find out what we don’t know
• Provide proper feedback
• Manage communications 
• Work with the best.

We’re open-minded about background, but uncompromising on talent.


Marshall Wolfe Associates are proud to work with us. In return, they are always front of mind when we receive consultancy assignments from our clients. We work in partnership rather than as part of the supply chain, with transparent negotiations to ensure individuals all understand the value proposition.

How do I become a Marshall Wolfe Associate? 

If you have undertaken one or more contractor assignment and have excellent referrals, then we want to hear from you. Here’s how it works:

1. Complete our Contact Form so that we can call you
2. Attend a one-to-one meeting with a Marshall Wolfe consultant
3. Identify suitable client and project
4. Provide presentation pack for your services
5. Meet our client/s
6. Negotiate terms


We design and support your hiring agenda to meet your needs, with every client receiving a high-touch, personable service.

From insurance and professional services to niche consultancy in compliance and cloud: our clients represent a deep range of technical specialisms.

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