HireMe – chat, chat, chat …

We have built a Marshall Wolfe bot – ‘HireMe’

It’s an RPA / chatbot that deals with inbound employment enquiries. We tell HireMe the types of roles we’re looking for, a few qualifiers that we need for that role, and it sits there all day, across multiple channels, speaking to people about those roles.

When people answer the few questions, HireMe saves their details and sends a follow-up email to confirm it has everything correct

A better candidate experience

HireMe sends emails, organises the first contact between the humans and collects responses along the way. As a candidate is progressing through our recruitment process, HireMe is messaging them and keeping them up-to-date on where they are and how they’re getting on (and asking for clarification or more details as required). After all, no one likes being left in the dark right?

The solutions have been designed for a ‘Candidate first’ experience, designed with empathy to:

• Maximise the candidate journey experience (defined ‘relevant’ steps, visibility of progress)

• Secure a role based on ability and ‘fit’, not CV writing and ‘on the day’ interview performance alone

• Candidate Journeys to reflect the specific role dimensions (rather than one size fits all hiring approaches)

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