Surviving or THRIVE-ing?

Last Tuesday Jim Marshall – CEO of Marshall Wolfe and Joint Founder of MegaTeamOne presented at the IM Breakfast Speaker Event. He presented that ‘Happiness, well-being and performance are ‘juxta-buddies’ not conflicting desires.’ Ultimately leading to How to Build a High Performing Team!

Jim was able to portray his passion for fair and efficient hiring and creating High Performance Teams. This talk encouraged the audience think about their teams and the leadership dynamics as well as question whether the individual talent, tools and environment are in place to achieve high performance.

Companies often pay lip services to employee engagement and well being all too often willing to spend budget on Technology or Business Change Programmes ahead of People Projects. It is easier to sign off on tangible asset spend and to forget to invest on the most important asset in modern services business – our talented people.

Ironically some of the most effective elements of High Performance are free; praise, effective communication and creating a psychological safety net do not require a huge investment! When was the last time you praised someone in your team for staying a bit late or solving an issue, by just a simple thank you or texting in the evening saying what a great job today – this is something Jim makes sure is consistent within his team. One of the attendees commented on the usefulness of this part in particular of the talk and how it resonated with her ‘the importance of small meaningful gestures’.

Remember people are at the heart of great service companies. Jim reinforced this on Tuesday when he discussed the numbers below, which came as a surprise to some:

  • The average staff turnover in the UK is 15%
  • The cost to replace an employee averages £30k (ACAS)
  • The length of time it takes for an employee to become productive is 8 months
  • The % of UK employees looking to leave their job – 25 – 51%
  • Employees leave their managers not their companies – 75% of employees leave because of their Manager

You don’t have to be one of these stats – MegaTeamOne can help you grow your High Performing Teams by making sure you:

  1. Get the simple things right
  2. Have an inspirational work space
  3. Training and support
  4. Communication, communication, communication

Jim’s talk encouraged attendees to take the first step and book our THRIVE Assessment – Talent, Happiness, Rewards, Infrastructure, Vision & Values, Engagement & Progression. The sign up response to the THRIVE Assessment alone at the end of the presentation was really positive. The feedback we have received since the presentation reiterated that the ‘overall tone struck a cord and the content was thought-provoking and engaging’.

As part of the THRIVE Assessment, we will invite you to complete an online questionnaire giving you an opportunity to think about how your organisation performs against MTO’s Framework for measuring team performance. We will then write up an assessment and book in a meeting with you to chat this over. To discuss this further you can get in touch with Jim on jim@megateamone.com or  jim@marshallwolfe.co.uk

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