Artificial Intelligence - Neural Networks

Not so Artificial and definitely intelligent ….

I recently heard that AI Companies are 80% Artificial and 20% intelligent!

It is probably why Robin Meehan of Inawisdom refers to their Predictive Analytics Solutions as Machine Learning.

… and yesterday (at Amazon, Cambridge) we were treated to a really insightful view of how these intelligent solutions work and the models that underpin them.

Not artificial (and not magic, but Maths!)

We explored real use cases, practical project identification criteria, types of Machine Learning and applying the technology.

… but definitely intelligent.

Robin was brave enough to run a live predictive analytics demo (using Amazon SageMaker and Open Source XGBoost). This helped to demystify some clever techniques (although I must admit to being nervous for Robin, I am pleased when my slide deck actually appears on a presentation screen, let alone running a live demo).

In a world where between 70% – 95% of AI Projects are quoted as having a negative ROI, I really respect Inawisdom’s ability to drive successful outcomes for their customers. As is so often the case, it is not just about great tech, it is about choosing the use cases wisely (from a business outcome, data feasibility and empowered stakeholders perspective). Their opportunity model helps them and their customers chose projects to drive real business value.

Gemma Adair – thank you for the invite.

Robin, Krishnan & Neil – a great introduction to AI Masterclass for Amber and I – much appreciated.

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