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The Rise of the RM – a Resource Management Community

The ‘Rise of the RM’ is a professional community dedicated to Resource Management professionals.

June’s meeting focussed on the context for a modern Resource Manager:

We manage complex resource environment encompassing geographically dispersed teams, matrixed resources, flexible permanent contracted workers and a mix of 3rd party and contract resources. We are often the linchpins for our organisations Human capital (providing a strategic resource overview and in doing so offering our organisations competitive advantage). We keep it human – it is an inherently difficult area to automate. Human-to-human interaction and decision-making that go beyond pure data. The strategic view on the optimal organisation of talent is increasingly a top table concern’ – CEO Jim Marshall.

During this session, we shared ‘Rise of the RM’ intentions and the founding members had the opportunity to shape its purpose. We received direct feedback on what mattered to our audience to allow us to start finalising our community ‘why’.

When we asked our audience, what was important to them, they gave us a clear focus for this community:

  1. Define the role of Resource Manager, improve the (internal and external) perception of our role and ‘turbo charge’ careers
  2. Identify training and upskilling opportunities
  3. Knowledge sharing on tools and techniques
  4. Champion best practice

On Thursday 19th September 2019, the community will meet again to further explore the challenges and opportunities for our Resource Managers. Further details to follow.

To express an interest in joining the community or to recommend a friend, associate or colleague please email amber@marshallwolfe.co.uk


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