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Traditional Enterprise Architecture has been struggling to keep up with the speed of change in technology for a long time. With the demand for continuous improvement and DevOps continuing to rise, high level strategy can seem outdated before it’s rolled out. To quote a famous Darwinism “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.” We see more and more demand for ‘future thinkers’ when it comes to Enterprise Architecture, with a growing ‘buy not build’ mentality in big business, eco-systems are far more complex with multiple vendors, technologies and applications running without synergy. Those that ‘keep up’ or do the same things a bit better are in danger of falling far behind. To future-proof, EA’s must lead the change, innovate and be blue sky thinkers to push their organisation into the future… now.

If you begin your thinking with – ‘what does the future of …. conversational computing / cloud / data science / cognitive computing etc… look like…

If you accept that pursuing Enterprise Architecture is probably pursuing The Dead Horse Theory …. but you are interested in exploring the ways to define strategy through Ecosytem and / or Evolutionary Architecture…

If you regard yourself as a thinker and a strategist… and are happy to leave technology delivery to your capable colleagues…

… then we would love to have a conversation. We have a very active campaign to build a UK based Architecture Strategy Team. We have a mandate to build this team with permanent hires.

(However, we also manage and augment some of the UK’s most interesting consultancy Virtual Benches, as a result of which have a range of contract opportunities).

To have a further conversation on this, please contact Dean at

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