I am a reluctant downloader of apps. I worry about the clutter. Will a new app stop me being able to quickly find the apps that I value and use regularly.

I suspect I am therefore a far from ideal market check on what’s hot and what’s not, but a recent change of phone handset did get me thinking about my App footprint and how it has changed over the course of the pandemic.

My reluctance to download apps is matched by my reluctance to change mobile handset. I find getting an upgrade a painful process and it is usually a bit panicky, because it has been instigated by a failing device.

When the chap from 02 said ‘Samsung to Samsung – that’ll only take you 10 mins’ I just groaned!

I used to laugh at people who called cars names. It felt ridiculous. … and yet I often humanise technology. I think of a person when I am outsmarting the SatNav – ‘I wonder just what she’ll think of my clever shortcut’ or ‘why has he put that on my Spotify mix tape?’ and this humanising has extended to apps so you’ll just have to humour me with my turn of phrase. Here is how my App friendship groups have changed:

Old friends I thought I would have missed, but haven’t include the likes of Trainline, Xero expenses and Uber

…. and can anyone tell me if they have taken the opportunity during lockdown to agree on a single parking app. I have not missed that gang of hooligan apps. Whenever you turn up in a hurry to park another one turns up that you have to attempt to befriend.

… and then there are the ones I have been super sad not to spend some time with like Waze (we’re off on holiday and you’re such a better friend than my built in SatNav) and Magic Seaweed / SkiTracks (Surfs-up / fresh snow – you’re gonna make a fool of yourself old man!)

…. and old friends that I have definitely got to spend more time with including Spotify and IMDB

… and some acquaintances that I have spent too much time with like Teams, Slack and Zoom

… and some new kids on the block that I am really unsure of, do Strava or QR Scanner add to my happiness?

No earth shattering conclusions here except that like real friends the pandemic has forced a lot of us to reflect on what is important, it has accelerated trends (Digital Healthcare, Remote working, the death of the retail high street?) and I suspect in the case of Apps the natural trend is for quality over quantity. On that note we are enjoying watching some useful new Applications emerge from our friends including:

Snoop – the money saving app. – Snoop’s always finding clever ways for you to save money. All tailored to you and your spending. And all in one app you can download for free. Switch to save on energy. Save on your spending.

Upside – the free app that automatically pays you cashback when you shop online or in-store. No fees to pay, links to click or voucher codes to find, just shop as .

Noink is a mobile health platform to track and manage all aspects of your health and the health of your family.

GetBrisk – Brisk is a Digital assistant for small businesses; watching your back and helping you act on threats or opportunities so you can concentrate on running your business.

No APPology for the Dad Puns!

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