Hiring Science

How Hiring Science helps your organisation prepare for the Work of the Future

Hiring Science is a tool (and associated service) Marshall Wolfe has developed to ensure your Hiring remains fit for a rapidly changing world.

The decision science that underpins this tool considers a range of ‘weighted’ metrics to ensure that you are clear on:

  • the best mechanism for bringing in further talent (type of hire as well as blend of options across the team, function or organisation)
  • whether the current hire or team represents a strategic or tactical solution
  • how people expansion fits into the upskilling of your organisation (are hires BAU, evolutionary or revolutionary?)

One of the reasons so many hires ‘fall out of bed’ is that this decision making process is more complex than most hirers allow for. … and many organisations fail to take the opportunity to move their world forward by taking the safe (and often lazy) option of seeking a like for like hire (in terms of skills, background, and type of hire). This is further complicated by the ways organisations will need to adapt for Work of the Future (I urge you to Read Jim Marshall’s blogs on Work of the Future from our fellow Rokker Network business) … but in short, we should probably at least be considering:

  • flatter hierarchies
  • rapidly changing Employee Value Propositions (both post apocalypse and for generations that might have very different drivers to our own)
  • more fluid working relationships & leveraging the professional gig-economy
  • organisational and location agility
  • the continuing trend towards shorter job tenures
  • the increasing importance of organisations in terms of social responsibility and the ‘social safety net’
  • the relationship with automation
  • the rise of trust as a currently, and
  • more diverse, more creative and more growth mind-set assembled teams.

Hiring strategies and traditional permanent hiring will fall woefully short of supporting many new ways of working. Marshall Wolfe’s Hiring Science Tool is designed to take into account these considerations as well as more obvious organisation-specific requirements.

We expect the highest performing teams will be made up of blends of permanent staff, freelancers, interventions from expert networks as well as 3rd party fixed price solutions, and a plethora of other options.

Contact us at: to explore how using this tool supports more informed decision making.

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