Top tips for Graduates – 1 year on…

It’s been just over 1 year on since I completed my degree and joined Marshall Wolfe, and what a journey it has been for my professional and personal development. Upskilling to newfound confidence and resilience – I have grown a lot in a short space of time, and it is important to celebrate the successes and reflect on lessons learnt.

My top tips for graduates transitioning from academia to industry are:

Be prepared for the transition – appreciate the shift in mindset, culture and lifestyle

Being a graduate myself transitioning into a new industry, I am able to work with my university to encourage students to consider what opportunities are available after graduation and how to prepare for it. 

Prepare your CV – recognise transferable skills and soft skills that employers want

My role enables me to continuously develop my knowledge within the technical space and discover sweet spots such as UX Design that I have had success with and continue this success and expand into other niche areas within technology. I have taken my transferable skills I gained from my history degree such as my ability to thoroughly analyse documents and pull-out key pieces of information. This helps me to find quality candidates for all the roles I work and have continued success throughout my career so far.

Get on LinkedIn and attend meet-ups – Make and build long-term connections to create opportunities

I have attended a variety of local networking events to build my network. Referrals and recommendations are important within this industry and building a strong network is the key to success. The more people you know the more opportunities will arise – I have connected with countless people who have been able to refer me to strong and trusted candidates for a wide variety of roles.

Choose the company – careful to consider the employer who can see the value in you

The Marshall Wolfe Pack have been my biggest cheerleaders, mentoring me throughout my journey and encouraging me to grow. They allow me to bring my whole self to work and I can’t thank them enough!

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