If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

What I mean by superpower is what are your strengths and skillset that means you thrive in your role.

As a recruiter, you are constantly relying on a variety of skills to fulfill your daily tasks, be that your intuition when speaking with candidates, or your ability to adapt to fast changing requirements. Whatever skills you may rely on we all have that one that we see as our speciality. It’s our Superpower.

It’s important to remember each person is different and brings unique perspectives and mindsets to their role. It may be resourcing candidates whilst others excel at networking events. Whatever your superpower may be, it is one of your main skills to success.

At Marshall Wolfe, we seek out diverse individuals with all kinds of personal assets; both for our clients and for our own team. By having diverse groups of talented individuals who share the same vision and purpose, we promote a more engaged and inclusive environment.

Imagine if…

  • The Avengers was just a team of 6 Captain America’s
  • Spice Girls was actually just 1 Sporty Spice
  • X-men was really only Mystique…OK maybe she doesn’t count as her superpower allows her to change into anything and anyone and take on their ability too

…But to understand that every team member has their role to play.

My superpower is Telepathy! This is disguised in my strong Account Management skills!

Having the ability to read minds or experience the feelings of others allows me to truly empathise with my clients. I am able to build meaningful relationships because I value emotional intelligence and understand its importance in the workplace; I can identify their needs and manage their expectations. It also means I can analyse situations before making decisions because I pay attention to detail.

Telepathy isn’t the only superpower – Your power could also be something like:

  • Flying: You’re willing to take risks and enjoy seeing things from new perspectives.
  • Shape-shifting: You enjoy handling a variety of tasks and can multitask and change between roles.
  • Speed: You have excellent time management skills, value efficiency and look for ways to improve work processes.

(Inspired by an article published by indeed

If you want to put together a high performing team that rivals the Avengers in ability, choose diverse individuals that complement each other. Master their superpowers by encouraging further development and build an inclusive culture whereby you celebrate their unique skills.

I know my superpower…do you know yours?

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