The Importance of the Passenger Princess

For the past six months, Josh and I have been carsharing to and from work.

There are several obvious benefits to carsharing. For example, the beneficial environmental impact as we travel in one car instead of two, subsequently reducing congestion and CO2 emissions. Although the difference is minor, if individuals made a conscious effort to limit the number of vehicles on the road through carsharing, the collective impact would be highly significant.

A particularly poignant advantage, however, includes greater affordability. Josh and I are recent university graduates paying off student loan debts and attempting to build our savings, so carsharing has hugely helped to ease the affordability of transport by splitting petrol costs. Fuel prices have rocketed over the last year, reaching a peak increase of 46.8% in July 2022, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). * Of course, fuel is not the only thing to undergo rising costs. During the current cost of living crisis, which is causing inflation rates to soar, splitting transport expenses due to carsharing is proving especially significant.

Socially, the benefits of carsharing persist every day. Arguably alike to Peter Kay and Sian Gibson in Peter Kay’s Carshare, carsharing with Josh has fuelled (pun completely intended), our friendship outside and within the workplace. On energetic coffee-buzz days and on running on slightly less sleep (and caffeine) days, chatting with Josh about the latest TikTok trends and laughing at the latest ‘Eyebrow Gate’ gossip, never fails to prepare me for the morning. On journeys home, Josh and I have introduced each other to our starkly contrasting tastes of K-Pop and rock, deepening and diversifying our appreciation for music. We often confide in one another when enduring work-related challenges, providing support and encouragement, or simply a listening ear.

Personally, gaining this extra support, or as my fellow Gen Zers say, a ‘work bestie’, has greatly improved my confidence in the workplace, therefore contributing to my overall performance and productivity.

I hope that this inspires people in our network to give carsharing a go with colleagues – embrace consumer consciousness by making small changes to create a positive social and environmental impact!

* ‘RPI: Percentage change over 12 months – Petrol and Oil incl Fuel Oil’, Office for National Statistics, 22nd March 2023

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